14 April 2012

TNTET Paper - I EVS Government Model Questions with Answers

121. Which one is non luminous
          A. moon      B. sun         C. star         D. comet

122. In which one of the following sound travels fast
          A. solid        B. air           C. water      D. vacuum

Remark: Speed of sound in standard air = 343 meters per second.
at high altitude (29,000 m) = 301 m/s;  in water = 1497 m/s

123. Which one is the submultiples of time
          A. minute    B. hour      C. year        D. milli second

124. A battery or cell converts _________ energy into electrical  energy
          A. solar       B. heat        C. mechanical      D. chemical

125. Protein supplies ________________ to human beings
          A. energy    B. growth  C. physiological activities   D. body temperature

126. Which is called powerhouse of the cell?
          A. lysosome          B. Golgi bodies     C. Ribosomes       D. mitochondria

127. What is the rate of heart beat per minute in human being?
          A. 93           B. 48           C. 72          D. 65

128. Marasmus is a disease caused due to lack of _____________
          A. Protein             B. Vitamin A         C. Vitamin C         D. Iodine

129. The plant that stores food in its roots
          A. Grape     B. Potato     C. Beet root         D. Apple

130. Which is the inner most part of the flower?
          A. Calyx      B. Corolla    C. Androcium       D. gynecium

131. Parasitic plant
A. mushroom        B. cuscutta          C. Nepanthes       D. Beans

132. Sugar is form of ______________
          A. Protein    B. Carbohydrate           C. Fat          D. Water

133. The Composition of Nitrogen in air is
          A. 20.95%             B. 30.02%             C. 78.08%  D. 70.08%

134. Green house gas _____________
          A. Co           B. Co2         C. So2        D. No2

135. Gobar gas contains
          A. Methane and Ethane                    B. Propane and Butane
          C. Propane and Methane                 D. Butane and Methane

136. Total no of districts in Tamil Nadu    
           A. 29          B. 30           C. 31                       D. 32 

137. Where does Kurinji flowers blossom in Tamil Nadu?
          A. Palani Hills       B. Nilgiri Hills       C. Kolli Hills      D. Servarayon Hills

138. The coastal districts of Tamil Nadu
          A. Pudukkottai, Cuddalore, Salem
          B. Nagapattinam, Madurai, Cuddalore
          C. Cuddalore, Pudukkottai, Nagapattinam 
          D. Karur, Cuddalore, Pudukkottai

139. The capital of Meghalaya
          A. Shillong           B. Manipur           C. Dispur              D. Srinagar

140. The ‘Pamban Bridge’ is located in the district
          A. Madurai    B. Ramanathapuram      C. Sivagangai      D. Pudukkottai

141. The largest dam in India
          A. Hirakud    B. Bhakra Nangal       C. Mullai – Periyar       D. Damodar

142. Koonthankulam Bird sanctuary is situated in the district
          A. Kanyakumari      B. Tirunelveli     C. Nagapattinam     D. Tuticorin

143. The plateau that forms the southern part of India
          A. Malwa Plateau           B. Chota Nagpur Plateau
          C. Decean Plateau         D. Karnataka Plateau

144. The medicine for epilepsy was found by
          A. Dr. J. Bhabha                      B. S. Chandrasekaran
          C. Dr. V. Ramakrishnan          D. Dr. Asima Chattarjee

145. The place that receives the highest rainfall in Tamil Nadu
          A. The Nilgiris      B. Palanimalai      C. Anaimalai        D. Kalrayan Hills