27 April 2012

Differences between Type I and Type II Superconductors

Soft Superconductors (Type I) :

1. Soft superconductors are those which can tolerate impurities without affecting the superconducting properties.

2. They have low critical field.

3. Show complete Meissner effect.

4. The current flows through the surface only.

5. Eg. Tin, Aluminium

Hard Superconductors (Type II) :

1. Hard superconductors are those which cannot tolerate impurities, i.e., the impurity affects the superconducting property.

2. They have high critical field.

3. Hard super conductors trap magnetic flux and hence Meissner effect is not complete.

4. It is found that current flows throughout the material.

5. Eg. Tantalum, Neobium