26 October 2011

Modes used in Cell Phone

The following modes are used in cell phone.

1. Power off mode     2. Idle mode    3. Active mode    4. Charge mode    5. Local mode

1. Power off mode:
            Power is provided to power supply circuit to switch on the phone. 

2. Idle Mode:
            Idle mode is done automatically by the phone... There is no ON/OFF for it. when your phone is ON but you are not using the phone and the screen is off (sleep mode)... if the screen is off for longer than 10 minutes on average, then the phone going into Idle mode to save battery life until you turn the screen back on and start using it.

3. Active Mode:
            In this mode, the power supply is provided for the entire circuit. But only some of the circuit is in idle condition.

4. Charge Mode:
         This mode is working as parallel mode for other mode. There are two types of State:          1. Charge State 2. Maintenance.

 5. Local Mode:
             Local mode is used for alignment and testing of phone.