21 August 2011

Objective Type Questions - Electronics

1. The duty cycle of a periodic pulse wave form is

a) ratio of pulse width time to period       
b) ratio of period to pulse width time
c) integrated value of the waveform
d) none of the above

2. In the half adder, the sum output is the same as that of

a) inverter
b) NAND gate
c) AND gate
d) EX-OR gate

3. One example of encoder is

a) stair-case switch

b) punched paper
c) key-board of a computer
d) TV screen

4. One example of decoder is

a) TV screen
b) seven-segment display
c) RAM
d) A/D converter

5. How many inputs and outputs would a BCD to decimal decoder have?

a) three inputs; sixteen outputs
b) ten inputs;  sixteen outputs
c) ten inputs; one outputs
d) four inputs; ten outputs

6. A circuit that is controlled to switch one of the several inputs through it to one output is

a) encoder
b) notch filter
c) decoder
d) multiplexer

7. A circuit that is controlled to switch a single input through it to one of the several outputs is

a) encoder
b) MUX
d) parallel input binary counter

 8. A circuit that will generate an output pulse for each input triggering is

a) astable multivibrator
b) monostable multivibrator
c) bistable multivibrator

d) all the above

9. The difference between the half adder and full adder is that

a) the half adder does not have carry input        
b) the half adder does not have a carry output
c)the full adder does not have carry input
d) all the above

10. Which multivibrator is useful for harmonic generation of square waves?

a) Monostable
b) bistable
c) astable 
d) all the above