28 August 2011

Acoustics of Buildings

 Acoustics of buildings is that part of the science of physics which deals with the control of sound in buildings. Since the purpose of this control is to create conditions by which people can hear with comfort, it is necessary to consider not only the principles of sound but to take into account also the phenomena of hearing.

The following are the requirements of a good auditorium.

1. The sound should be sufficiently loud and intelligible in every part of the hall.

2. Sound of each syllable should soon decay so that the succeeding syllable may be heard distinctly. This means that the auditorium must be free from excessive reverberation.

3. Echoes must be eliminated.

4. There should not be undesirable focusing of sound in any part of the hall. There should not be any zones of silence or regions of poor audibility anywhere in the hall.

5. Resonances should be avoided.

6. All extraneous noises must be shut out as far as possible.