12 May 2011

What are some suggested solutions, short and long term to our energy crisis?

       These suggestions could be condensed into a three fold plan. Conservation, nuclear power and coal are the choices.

I. Conservation is not the total Answer, but it would certainly improve our situation. This would have to be a conservation program that would encompass all of our consumers. The initial step would be less driving and more use of mass transportation system. In some parts of the country it would mean adding more buses and trains, in other parts, it would be modernizing the existing systems. Also it would include an educational program for the energy consumers to make them aware of how they can save energy daily. This has already begun and hopefully it will continue.

          In addition, the new car manufacturers will have to increase the fuel efficiency of all cars. Another solution will concern the industrial sector of our economy, to continue their cutbacks and their fuel efficiency programs without seriously affecting their production. 

II. Nuclear power is an important part of the fusion of uranium atoms. There are a number of nuclear energy plants operating and their safety record is the best compared to oil refineries and coal mining. We should continue to develop more nuclear sources with proper regulatory procedures and not bow to any pressure groups unless their objections are completely valid.

III. The other short term solution is to take more advantage of our abundant coal supply. Another would be more transitions by electrical energy plants to coal as a source instead of using oil or natural gas. At the same time, we must be very careful with the safety hazards to the environment that coal creates.


          After the next several decades, we must continue to use the previous solutions wherever feasible. In addition, we must go full speed with research and development of new techniques of energy production. The most logical today are atomic power by fusion, solar power, reusing waste, and further development of synthetic fuels.

The atomic fusion power would be a great source if we were able to use hydrogen from the oceans as its source. There are numerous dangers that would have to be ironed out. And last, possibly the same Yankee ingenuity that has made this country flourish could take another step for mankind and came up with some entirely new and effective source of energy.