11 February 2011

Science Quiz - 7

1. The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a

a. Barometer     b. Hydrometer     c. Polygraph     d. Seismograph

2. Centigrade & Fahrenheit scales give same reading at

a. - 40°     b. - 32°     c. - 273°     d. - 100°

3. Match the following columns

          Column 1                                                  Column 2

A. Anemometer                                     1. To measure underwater depth using sound
B. Aneroid barometer                           2. To measure very small distances
C. Micrometer                                        3. Find out wind speed
D. Fathometer                                       4. Find out direction of wind
                                                                 5. Measure atmospheric pressure
       1         2        3         4
a.   A4      B5      C3      D1
b.  A3       B5      C2      D1
c.   A5       B1      C3      D4
d.  A3       B1      C5      D2

4. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was

a. Newton      b. Dalton      c. Copernicus      d. Einstein

5. Who among following invented the steam engine?

a. Marconi      b. James Watt      c. Thomas Savery      d. Wright Brothers

6. Who invented typewriter?

a. Shockley      b. Pascal      c. Sholes      d. Waterman

7. Match the following columns:

              Column 1                                       Column 2

              A. Proton                                      1. Chadwick
              B. Neutron                                    2. Millikan
             C. Charged Electron                     3. Goldstein
             D. Shelled nature of atom           4. Rutherford
                                                                     5. Madam Curie

a.  A1      B2       C3       D5
b. A2       B1      C4        D3
c.  A2      B3      C1        D4
d. A4       B2     C3       D1

8. Who discovered circulation of blood in human body?

a. Edward Jenner    b. Joseph Lister    c. William Harvey    d. Jonon Esals

9. Mark the wrong combination

a. James Watt: Steam Engine                      b. A.G. Bell: Telephone
c. J. L. Baird: Television                               d. J. Perkins: Penicillin

10. Who invented the ball point pen?

a. Waterman         b. Oscar        c. Wilson        d. Lazlo Biro

Quiz Answers :

1. d     2. a      3. b     4. c      5. b      6. c      7. c      8. c      9. d      10. d