11 February 2011

Science Quiz - 6

1. The credit of inventing the television goes to

a. Faraday
b. Baird
c. Edison
d. Marconi

2. The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to

a. Jonas Salk
b. Alb E. Sabin
c. Selman Waksman
d. None of these

3. Choose the correct combination

a. Typewriter: Remington
b. Dynamite: Dunlop
c. Evolution: Darwin
d. Aeroplane: Harway

4. Blaze Pascal is associated with

a. Calculating machine
b. Computer
c. Cinema
d. None of these

5. Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with

a. Structure of animals and plants
b. Functioning of body organs
c. Animal behavior
d. Cells and tissues

6. Ecology deals with
a. Birds
b. Cell formation
c. Relation between Organisms and their environment
d. Tissues

7. Oncology is the study of

a. Birds
b. Cancer
c. Mammals
d. Soil

8. Numismatics is the study of
a. Coins
b. Numbers
c. Stamps
d. Space

9. Ornithology is the

a. Study of bones
b. Study of birds
c. Study of smells

10. Who invented the Doctor’s thermometer?

a. Fahrenheit
b. Edison
c. Galileo
d. None of these

Quiz Answers :

1. b      2. a      3. c      4. a      5. a      6. c      7. b      8. a      9. b      10. a