11 February 2011

Science Quiz - 3

1. Which instrument is used to measure pressure?

a. Saccharimeter     b. Ammeter     c. Manometer     d. Lactometer

2. What does Angstrom measure?

a. Quantity of liquid     b. Length of light waves     c. Length of cables     d. Speed of ships

3. Light year is related to

a. Energy     b. Speed     c. Distance     d. Intensity

4. Match the following columns

   Column 1                                  Column 2
A. Relative                        1. Pyrometer humidity
B. Anemometer                2. High temperature
C. Navigation                    3. Hygrometer
D. Direction of wind         4. Chronometer

     1      2      3      4
a. B      D      A      C
b. D      B      A      C
c. A      D      B      C
d. C      A      D      B

5. Which of the following instruments is used to measure pressure of gases?

a. Barometer     b. Manometer     c. Ammeter     d. None of these

6. Joule is the unit of

a. Temperature pressure     b. Energy     c. Heat

7. How many Dynes are there in one gram weight?

a. 900     b. 375     c. 981     d. 250

8. How many Ergs are these in 1 Joule?

a. 102     b. 104     c. 106     d. 107

9. The unit of current is

a. Ohm      b. Watt     c. Ampere     d. None of these

10. The unit of energy in MKS system is

a. Volt     b. Erg     c. Ohm     d. Joule

Quiz Answers :

1. c     2. d     3. c     4. a     5. b     6. c     7. c     8. d     9. c     10. d