11 February 2011

Science Quiz - 1

1. What is the first element on the periodic table?

2.True or false? Acids have a pH level below 7.

3. True or false? An electron carries a positive charge.

4. What is the chemical symbol for gold?

5. What orbits the nucleus of an atom?

6. True or false? A neutron has no net electric charge.

7. What is H20 more commonly known as?

8. What is the name given to substances that are initially involved in a chemical reaction?

9. Is sodium hydroxide (NaOH) an acid or base?

10. True or false? A proton carries a positive charge.

Quiz Answers :

1. Hydrogen   2. True   3. False   4. Au   5. Electrons   6. True   7. Water   8. Reactants
9. Base   10. True